Outdoor Garden Double Spiked Pole Light - 12V MR16 - Polished Copper

CLA LIGHTING Product Code : CLA-SPM2ALC-1279

This Double Spiked Pole Light comes with two adjustable heads attached to a long spiked pole. It's perfect for accentuating garden elements and illuminating pathways so it's safe to walk during the night. It's tested and approved to IP65 (fully dust-tight and protected against low-pressure jets). The polished copper construction is highly resistant to corrosion and stands out in any setting. Globe, transformer, and switch controls are not included upon purchase.

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Outdoor Spiked Pole with Twin Adjustable Globe Holders

This Double Spiked Pole Light is a safe and easy way to illuminate your outdoor garden by directing them across pathways, water cascades, or trees. It comes with two tiltable and rotatable heads, ideal for areas where a single pole light just won't do the job.

Easily spike the pole into the ground and direct the lights up or down through the adjustable heads, giving you even more flexibility to shine light on outdoor elements even when placed. It's built with a polished copper finish—highly durable, easy to maintain, and is suitable for industrial outdoor garden ambience. This Double Spiked Pole Light requires low voltage power for safety and efficiency, and features IP65 rating, meaning it's protected against dust and water jets from any angle.

Double Spiked Pole Light for Outdoor Landscape

  • HEAVY DUTY - Features a polished copper finish that is corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use; the warm and authentic colour also sets it apart in any setting
  • VERSATILE- A safe and practical lighting technique that enhances any modern outdoor landscape especially at night time; the two adjustable heads will provide more light than single spike lights
  • SAFE - Dust tight and weather proof; tested and approved to IP65 rating (Install with waterproof connections and circular cable to avoid moisture ingress)
  • FLEXIBLE - Can be easily repositioned to achieve the perfect illumination as seasons change; the double heads are also tiltable and rotatable
  • EFFICIENT CONNECTION - Safe to install and use; requires two-wire low voltage connection (Connector not included)


  • Height: 1000mm
  • Height of Head: 110mm
  • Diameter of Head: 60mm
  • No. of Heads: Two (2) adjustable heads
  • Swivel: 90° tilt & 270° swivel
  • Globes Included?: No
  • Lamp Base: GU5.3
  • Globe Connection: 2 x MR16
  • Globe Compatibility: Accepts LED or max. of 20W halogen globe
  • Cable Length: 900mm (Included in the box)
  • Cable Placement: 380mm from the bottom end of the spike
  • Material: Solid copper
  • Finish: Polished
  • Corrosion Treatment?: Yes
  • Input Voltage Range: 12-25V AC/DC
  • IP Rating: IP65 (Dust tight and weather proof)
  • To maintain the IP rating, use circular cable in junction
  • For parallel and single connection, use an appropriate IP68 connector (CONN01, CONN02)
  • Globe, transformer, and switch controls are not included.


Choosing the Right LED Driver for Your Outdoor Light

Complete your outdoor lighting setup with compatible MR16 bulbs and waterproof control gears from CLA Lighting. Since MR16 globes run on low voltage (often at 12V), they require a power transformer to make sure they work properly. When choosing a transformer or LED driver, you have to consider the number of bulbs you want it to power multiplied by the wattage. It's advised that the total wattage of all bulbs should not exceed 80% of the driver's wattage. For example, if you choose to power 4 x 6W MR16 globes (total of 24W) from one LED driver, a 30W driver is required. See table below for a more detailed reference.

Recommended Globes Type Wattage Recommended Control Gears to Run Globes Type Min-Max Load Qty of Globe/s per Control Gear
CLAMR16FNVCESH35W Halogen 35W ETH50.302VA Transformer 10W-40W 1
LED 6W ETH50.302VA Transformer 10W-40W 2-6
CLA111011 LED Driver 1-8W 1
CLA113011 3-24W 3
CLA115011 5-40W 5
CLA1110011 10-80W 10
CLA1115011 15-120W 15
CLA1120011 20-160W 20
OTTER1 1.2W-9.6W 1
OTTER5 15-120W 15



This product must be installed by a licensed electrician. Installation instructions sheet is provided in the product box.


2 year replacement warranty. Conditions apply - See Terms and Conditions of Trade.

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