Harmon Outdoor Recessed Wall Light - 12V LED - 316 Stainless Steel

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This Harmon outdoor recessed wall light light is made of superior 3mm thick 316 marine grade Stainless Steel.  Its waterproof body is tested and approved to IP65 so it is ideal for Australian weather conditions.  Precision crafted with a perfect electro-polished finish, flush mounted 5mm thick glass and has LED's built in!

It is the highest quality outdoor wall light available - you will know its quality when you feel its weight. 

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  • LED's existing in the light
  • Marine grade 316 stainless steel with superior polished finish
  • Water proof - tested and approved to IP65
  • 3mm thick body and 5mm thick flush glass lens - this is made to last
  • Easy DIY installation - 12V

Choosing stainless steel outdoor light

Thickness: Cheaper lights only have about a 1mm thick body that is not made to last. High quality lights have a 3mm thick Stainless Steel body.

Steel:  316 Stainless steel is the top quality.  Cheaper alloys or lower grades of steel will not tolerate outdoor conditions as well

LED:  LED's will reduce the wattage required along the cable, allowing you brighter lights with a smaller transformer.

Lens:  Look for strengthened glass that is thick (5mm).  It is best to be flush with the body so water and dust cannot accumulate

Water proof: Look for an IP rating of 65 so it is water and dust proof. This again will ensure your lights stand the test of time.

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DIY Installation! - As this is a 12V light there is no need for an electrician

Recessed outdoor stair light

Stainless steel: the smart choice

Stainless steel is different from Aluminium and brass and other alloys. It is a harder and more durable metal and far less likely to bend or distort. As you can imagine, being consistently outside in all sorts of weather can be taxing on your fixtures and fittings, however, stainless steel will not corrode over time. Some maintenance may be required, a simple spray of oil and a rub every so often will add to the longevity of your fittings.  

 An Australian brand focused on green energy LED lights for Australia. Aside from simple installation procedures and quality workmanship, Limelight LED's are energy-efficient and safer than traditional incandescent light bulbs that waste 90 percent of the energy they consume on heat. Limelight LED Lights consume only one-third of the energy used to operate traditional light bulbs. Limelight LED Lighting delivers an environment friendly way of stylishly making your home and mother earth a better place to live in. Limelight - the "new green" in LED lighting


Detailed installation and care instructions are provided with the product

Click on the book to download the instruction manual (PDF) for this product.


12 month manufacturer warranty against manufacturing faults. If the transformer is being hard-wired it must be installed by a qualified electrician to maintain warranty. See product documentation and our Returns and Warranties Policy.


  • Input voltage: 12V
  • Luminaries:  9 LEDs totalling 1.5Watts
  • Dimensions: Face: 70mm x 70mm, Body: 60mm Square x 60mm Deep
  • Water-proofness:  Water and dust proof tested and approved to IP65
  • Body:  Superior 3mm thick 316 Stainless Steel Facing
  • Lens:  5mm thick strengthened glass lense, flush with casing to prevent water pooling
  • Connectors: Includes a 1m cable with an easy connector pre-attached to the end


3 year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing faults. Conditions apply - see product documentation and Returns and Warranties Policy.

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